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Sediment Control Products

BlackHawk inlet filter mat is a versatile sediment control device that features easy installation, hassle-free maintenance, and high sediment storage capacity to prevent street flooding.
Divert stormwater runoff, naturally. DiversionSoxx, a conveyance BMP, replaces excavated freshwater diversion ditches. Fresh water flows along (not through) DiversionSoxx & around the disturbed area.
Contain and manage harmful or hazardous construction site materials with FryeFlow Concrete Washout Solution – a state-of-the-art washout pit and water silt separator.
Keep construction dirt out of storm drains while still allowing water to pass through with FryeFlow Inlet Filter Bag. Featuring under-grate installation, easy cleaning, and superior sediment control.
Speed up the installation of palletized filter sock with the hydraulically powered MKB Installation Claw. Perfect for safely stabilizing pallets through rough terrain.
Easy to install, hard to beat. Reliable and durable, multiple CFS Installer Netting types ensure the right fit for field installation with blower trucks or track machines.
The netting you choose matters. The most competitive, advanced, and recognized compost filter sock nettings in the industry are now available for you to manufacture and market.
Straw wattles are a staple of any BMP toolbox. Our line of Filtrexx straw wattle netting allows you to manufacture a variety of high-quality wattles.
Sometimes you need a filter sock that can be moved. Designed for daily portability, use RoadWattle across access roads, during rainouts, and near stream crossings on pipeline and powerline projects.
Trap sediment from stormwater runoff that flows onto roadways from construction activities. Durable and reusable, RockSock stays put in concentrated flows without trenching, stakes, or anchors.
Featuring an innovative multi-layer composite design, Siltron silt fence is designed to protect the most sensitive watersheds, even under extreme water and sediment load.
Filtrexx SiltSoxx, the original compost filter sock, is now a part of the MKB family. Get the same quality and research-backed product that you’ve come to trust for sediment control.
Filled with rice hull filter media, SiltSoxx RH is the newest, lightest filter sock for your BMP toolbox. Use SiltSoxx RH just like a compost filter sock for standard sediment control applications.
When you need a temporary yet robust filter berm, StormCatcher is ready for the job. Its innovative rice hull + gravel fill allows for a high flow, high sediment retention BMP.
Straw wattles are a staple of any BMP toolbox. Choose from a selection of common wattles, advanced netting wattles, or biodegradable wattles.
Install more filter sock each day with SwitchSoxx – a lightweight alternative to compost sock. Plus, the carefully sourced switchgrass fill promotes vegetative growth once your job is complete.

Erosion Control Products

Restore job sites with vegetative growth using ErosionTech Rolled Erosion Control Products. Choose from a wide selection of fills, nettings, longevities, and roll sizes.
Whether you need non-woven, woven, woven monofilaments, or geogrids, our extensive range of geotextiles is readily available for your upcoming project.
Getting grass to grow shouldn’t be so painful. Pre-chopped for easy hand spreading, StrawMax is Restoration Seeding Straw that works.

Stormwater & Pollutants Products

Stop pollutants from leaving your site today – EnviroSoxx targets over 20 common post-construction stormwater pollutants including metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, bacteria, pH, and suspended solids.
StormExx CLEAN catch basin filters are designed to fit most existing storm water drain systems to capture sediment and pollutants.

Green Infrastructure Products

Naturally restore eroded or damaged slopes, riparian waterways, shoreline banks, and more with GreenLoxx. Create attractive, naturally vegetated landscapes without the use of hard concrete materials.
Quickly establish vegetation for Green Infrastructure and LID applications with GroSoxx. A modular, vegetated filter sock, GroSoxx provides a stable and fertile environment for plant growth.