Switchgrass Filter Sock

Something good just got better (a little family competition never hurts).

Switchgrass Filter Sock is much lighter than a Compost Filter Silt Sock of similar diameter. This allows for all sorts of efficiencies (see below). The biggest one – you can put down more sock each day. This is important for large projects where E&S crews have to keep up.

Performance matters – Independent testing shows that Switchgrass Filter Sock and Compost Filter Sock have similar hydraulic flow and sediment removal characteristics*.

*TRI Environmental Testing –ASTM 7351 and 5141

Compared to Compost Filter Sock

Switch Sock is light in weight but not performance. Lay more down a day and keep up with demand.

  • Similar hydraulic flow and sediment removal rates

  • Same high-quality netting as palletized CFS

  • Stakes in kit for placement every 5 feet (CFS is 10 feet)

  • Available pre-filled diameters are 8, 12, 18, and 24 – inch

  • Palletized standard in a supersack and available in continuous or precut lengths

  • Much lower weight per pallet (650 lbs vs. 1750 lbs)

  • On average, 36% more footage per Tractor Load (1430 vs.1950 linear feet of 18 – inch).

Compared to Compost Filter Sock

Other Benefits

Switch Sock promotes vegetative growth better than Compost Filter Sock. Cut the sock, spread the fill and recycle the netting.

  • Promotes vegetative cover better than CFS fill

  • Can be stacked in a pyramid. Especially useful when CFS is placed on bottom rows and SGFS is placed on upper rows.

Other Benefits