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MKB offers a Multi-Topic Continuing Education Series for Engineers, Designers, Environmental Professionals, and SWPPP Consultants featuring products and designs to improve construction site, industrial, and municipal water quality.

Topic 1: Innovative High Performance BMPs for Erosion & Sediment Control

Looking for more advanced erosion & sediment control options? Learn about innovations in BMPs, new product equivalents, and how to choose the best BMP for your project. This topic also features the Nature90™ Platform, a comprehensive approach to assist in the move away from plastics for your entire site design. Topics include:

  • Nature90™ Platform, high performance biodegradable erosion and sediment control BMPs
  • High performance, versatile, stormwater pollution filtration technology
  • Next generation sediment control products: light-weight filter socks, weighted sediment filter tube, multi-layer composite silt fence (regionally specific)
  • Industry leading research, testing, and engineering/design resources
  • Regulatory trends in biodegradable BMPs


Topic 2: High Performance, Filtration BMPs for Stormwater Pollution

Need to target stormwater pollutants? Interested in using more natural materials and products in post-construction stormwater treatment? Learn about above ground and below-grate BMPs that target over twenty common post-construction stormwater pollutants including metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, bacteria, pH, and suspended solids. Topics include:

  • Naturally filtering BMP options & test data
  • Multiphase filtration & treatment train design
  • Solutions specifically designed for industrial and municipal storm water challenges and permittees
  • Projects & case studies
  • Waste management, recycling industry focus (regionally specific)


Topic 3: Naturally Vegetated Systems for Restoration of Slopes, Shores & Walls

Do you want to create attractive, naturally vegetated landscapes without the use of hard concrete materials on your next restoration project? Learn about naturally vegetated systems used for the restoration of eroded or damaged slopes, riparian waterways, shoreline banks and more. Topics include:

  • MSE and VSF systems for slopes, walls, and banks
  • Environmental benefits of vegetated designs
  • Designs & project profiles

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