Weighted, durable, and reusable

Trap sediment from stormwater runoff that flows onto roadways from construction activities.

Weighted, durable, and reusable, RockSock stays put in concentrated flows without trenching, stakes, or anchors. High-strength netting and double hog rings allows for RockSock to be repeatedly run over and moved – and still last the entire job.


  • Modular pieces allow for flexible configurations
  • High hydraulic flow to prevent ponding
  • Heavy enough to stay in place without anchors
  • Netting is a high-flow, high-strength, UV-resistant multi-filament polyester knit textile
  • Color is Hi-Vis Safety Orange
  • Fill is a 50-50 blend of 1½”(minus) dust-free limestone gravel and composted hardwood chip
  • 6-inch pig tails for easy handling
  • Double hog ring closure prevents opening


  • Check dams/ditch checks
  • Inlet protection
  • Gutter-line checks
  • Perimeter sediment control repairs