Compost Diversion Sock


Conveyance BMP that replaces an excavated fresh water diversion ditch.

Diversion Sock is much heavier and denser than Compost Filter Sock so water is conveyed along it, no through it. Diversion Sock is placed above the job site in a diagonal orientation. Fresh water flows along Diversion Sock and around the disturbed areas of the job site.


Installed on a 5% diagonal fall, Diversion Sock moves water away from your disturbed areas.

  • Little to no hydraulic flow through
  • 30% heavier than Compost filter Sock
  • Can be vegetated as a permanent device
  • Can be adjusted/moved on the job site
  • Easier than excavating fresh water diversion ditch


Diversion Sock ships on a pallet or in a super sack to make your Fresh water diversion even easier.

  • Available in 12, 18 or 24 foot diameters
  • Stakes included for every 5 ft
  • Available coiled on a pallet or in a super sack
  • 50% Compost Filter Sock fill plus 50% leaf compost
  • Minimum 12-diameter, 5% diagonal fall
  • Netting is same spec as Compost Filter Sock

Product Design

Product Design

Diversion sock is installed with a 5% diagonal fall. This helps keep water away from the disturbed areas of a job site.