Perimeter Control

Filter sediment on and around construction activities with high-performance sediment control BMPs.

Perimeter control BMPs act as a barrier to retain sediment on a construction site. In general terms, sediment control products located at down gradient boundaries of the construction site are referred to as “perimeter controls”. Perimeter control BMPs are typically installed down slope of any disturbed area requiring erosion and sediment control and filtration from runoff. We know you need more than one BMP in your toolbox for perimeter control, so MKB Company offers a variety of filter sock, silt fence, straw wattle, and weighted sediment tube products to meet your project scope and budget.

Perimeter Control

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Camp Fire remediation project uses SiltSoxx for perimeter control.

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No trenching or soil disturbance (SiltSoxx, SiltSoxx RH, SwitchSoxx, StormCatcher, RoadWattle, EnviroSoxx)


100% Biodegradable options eliminate the need for field removal (SIltSoxx & SiltSoxx RH)


Use on impervious surfaces (SiltSoxx, StormCatcher, RoadWattle, EnviroSoxx)


Heavy duty materials hold up to high traffic areas (StormCatcher, RoadWattle, EnviroSoxx)


Fill material promotes vegetative cover (SwitchSoxx & SiltSoxx RH)


Independently tested for hydraulic flow and sediment removal


Filter 20+ common stormwater pollutants (EnviroSoxx)


Featuring an innovative multi-layer composite design, Siltron silt fence is designed to protect the most sensitive watersheds, even under extreme water and sediment load.
Filtrexx SiltSoxx, the original compost filter sock, is now a part of the MKB family. Get the same quality and research-backed product that you’ve come to trust for sediment control.
Filled with rice hull filter media, SiltSoxx RH is the newest, lightest filter sock for your BMP toolbox. Use SiltSoxx RH just like a compost filter sock for standard sediment control applications.
Install more filter sock each day with SwitchSoxx – a lightweight alternative to compost sock. Plus, the carefully sourced switchgrass fill promotes vegetative growth once your job is complete.
When you need a temporary yet robust filter berm, StormCatcher is ready for the job. Its innovative rice hull + gravel fill allows for a high flow, high sediment retention BMP.
Sometimes you need a filter sock that can be moved. Designed for daily portability, use RoadWattle across access roads, during rainouts, and near stream crossings on pipeline and powerline projects.
Straw wattles are a staple of any BMP toolbox. Choose from a selection of common wattles, advanced netting wattles, or biodegradable wattles.
Easy to install, hard to beat. Reliable and durable, multiple CFS Installer Netting types ensure the right fit for field installation with blower trucks or track machines.
The netting you choose matters. The most competitive, advanced, and recognized compost filter sock nettings in the industry are now available for you to manufacture and market.
Straw wattles are a staple of any BMP toolbox. Our line of Filtrexx straw wattle netting allows you to manufacture a variety of high-quality wattles.
Trap sediment from stormwater runoff that flows onto roadways from construction activities. Durable and reusable, RockSock stays put in concentrated flows without trenching, stakes, or anchors.
Stop pollutants from leaving your site today – EnviroSoxx targets over 20 common post-construction stormwater pollutants including metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, bacteria, pH, and suspended solids.


Site perimeters

Above and below slopes with erosion risk

Along toe of streams and channel blanks

Around area drains or inlets

Around sensitive watersheds

Across access roads

Where trenching of silt fence is difficult or impossible

Around polluted or contaminated sites (EnviroSoxx)


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