Sediment Trap

Build temporary dry pond detention systems

Sediment traps are commonly used at outlets of stormwater diversion structures, slope drains, construction site entrances, channels, and other runoff locations. Sediment traps can be converted to or retrofitted for use as a permanent stormwater detention system. Use Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ for sediment trap systems built as temporary dry pond detention systems used to capture sediment and settle suspended solids in runoff from disturbed soils less than 5 acres. Sediment Traps built with SiltSoxx are also used to capture sediment and settle suspended solids from detention pond outfalls and/or overflows.

Sediment Trap



No major excavation, land disturbance, or pond construction


Easily customized to fit most types of watersheds/drainage areas


No trenching, no soil disturbance


Easy removal and disposal


Add targeted pollutant removal


Filtrexx SiltSoxx, the original compost filter sock, is now a part of the MKB family. Get the same quality and research-backed product that you’ve come to trust for sediment control.


Individual sediment detention/containment zones

Sediment and storm water detention pond outfalls

Emergency overflow for retention or detention systems

Where land is limited or construction of sediment pond is not possible

Where sediment particle sizes are generally greater than .002 mm (clay)

As a final treatment prior to discharge


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