Advanced Silt Fence

Sediment control system designed to provide the highest level of environmental protection on a construction site – no excuses and no compromises.

Independent testing shows industry-leading performance in hydraulic flow under sediment load, sediment retention, and blinding resistance.*

Siltron® functions as a dynamic filter-ponder which allows it to adjust to changing stormwater intensity across the entire face of the composite geotextile. Other fencing products either blind too fast (leading to physical failure) or allow too much sediment through.

Siltron® uses a textured non-woven pre-filter designed to resist blinding and keep seeping long after the other products are blinded and physically failing. Even under extreme water and sediment load, Siltron® keeps seeping.

 *TRI Environmental Testing

Structural Details

Siltron Advanced Silt Fence is designed to keep seeping even under extreme sediment load. Sediment is held back and clean water seeps through.

  • Oak stakes with construction-grade staples

  • Integrated anti-push spades for stake stability

  • Strong 3-layer composite means no wire backer

  • Highly resistant to blinding, punctures, and tears

Structural Details


Siltron’s 3-layer composite is built to withstand extreme conditions without additional wire backing. With the integrated anti-push spade on the stake already, Siltron pre-staked bundles are ready to be installed when they land on your project.

  • Installs with just a skid steer trenching attachment

  • Grabs hydrocarbons and other viscous pollutants

  • True 18–36-month functional longevity

  • For use on pipelines, powerlines, brownfield sites, in any quality watershed (HQ and EV)


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