Concrete Washout

Contain & manage harmful or hazardous construction site materials

Concrete washouts are implemented on construction projects where slurries — usually a mixture of cement and water — containing Portland cement concrete (PCC) or asphalt concrete (AC) are generated from coring, grinding, saw cutting and grooving. These slurries can also be generated by concrete trucks and other concrete-coated equipment when they are cleaned and washed on-site. Concrete waste management is a vital aspect of any construction project and MKB Company offers BMPs to handle concrete washout operations.

Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ is an exceptional three-dimensional tubular sediment control and stormwater filtration device designed for solids separation, contaminated effluents, and point sources of contaminated water. Easily customize the size and shape.

With its portable dewatering container and sturdy stainless steel frame, FryeFlow offers the perfect solution for containing and managing harmful or hazardous materials. It comes in various sizes, making it suitable for construction projects of any scale.



Better trapping of sediment and soluble pollutants


Easy removal of accumulated solids


No trenching required


Greater surface area contact


Reusable, one-time expense frame; replacement bags available (FryeFlow)


Easily increase design height by stacking; Custom size and shape (SiltSoxx)


Contain and manage harmful or hazardous construction site materials with FryeFlow Concrete Washout Solution – a state-of-the-art washout pit and water silt separator.
Filtrexx SiltSoxx, the original compost filter sock, is now a part of the MKB family. Get the same quality and research-backed product that you’ve come to trust for sediment control.


Concrete truck wash station

For stream pump-arounds

Emergency overflow

Dredging slurry filtration

Manure lagoon slurry filtration


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