Channel Protection

Stabilize and prevent erosion of channel beds

Channel protection is used where stormwater is conveyed or channeled and soil erosion and/or vegetation stability is an issue. Channel protection can be used to establish, sustain, and reinforce vegetation in areas of concentrated flow and intense hydraulic pressure that typically undermine vegetation growth.

Filtrexx GroSoxx® is a flexible soft armoring system used to construct channel protection systems designed to stabilize and prevent erosion of channel beds and banks used for stormwater conveyance and concentrated stormwater flow. This system provides structural protection, erosion control, vegetation establishment, and vegetation reinforcement in the same system. The weight and anchoring system can withstand high storm runoff velocities and hydraulic shear stresses surpassing most traditional soft armoring devices (turf reinforcement mats, rip rap, cellular confinement systems) as tested by Texas Transportation Institute. If pollutant removal is needed, channel protection can be constructed using EnviroSoxx pollutant filter sock.

Channel Protection



Withstands hydraulic shear stress up to 12 lbs/sq. ft (59kg/m2)


Applicable on slopes up to 2:1


More intimate surface contact


Can be direct seeded during installation


Quickly establish vegetation for Green Infrastructure and LID applications with GroSoxx. A modular, vegetated filter sock, GroSoxx provides a stable and fertile environment for plant growth.
Stop pollutants from leaving your site today – EnviroSoxx targets over 20 common post-construction stormwater pollutants including metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, bacteria, pH, and suspended solids.


Stormwater diversion channels

Stormwater conveyance channels

Channel/ditch bank protection

Outlet protection for storm drains, paved channels, and culverts


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