Installation Claw

Hydraulically powered Claw

Speed up the installation of palletized filter sock with the innovative MKB Installation Claw.

Utilizing a hydraulically powered tensioning arm designed for skid steers, this tool drastically reduces installation time and labor for palletized filter sock BMPs. The Installation Claw is the perfect tool to help safely stabilize pallets on any erosion and sediment control project site, no matter the size or terrain.

Speed You Can Depend On: The Installation Claw, powered by a robust hydraulic system, is designed to fast-track your erosion & sediment control projects. With its innovative tensioning arm, compatible with both Skid Steers and telehandlers, it mitigates the need for time-consuming manual labor and ensures that sediment control BMPs are deployed quickly and precisely.

Precision and Safety Combined: Tailored for the needs of erosion control contractors, the Installation Claw boasts accuracy in handling and placing palletized filter socks such as SiltSoxx, SiltSoxx RH, SwitchSoxx, and DiversionSoxx. Maneuver through rough terrains with the stability and safety you demand; with our Installation Claw, every pallet is stabilized, ensuring that your project site remains secure and efficient.

Designed for Visibility and Ease: Achieve optimal control with the Installation Claw’s elevated lift capacity. By keeping pallets above eye level, the operator gains superior visibility, making the installation process more manageable and precise. With a simple clamp and lift mechanism, the filter sock rolls out in a perfect line, allowing for a smoother application and saving your team time.

Equip your team with the power to do more with the MKB Installation Claw – faster, safer, and smarter.


  • Can be used with a Skid Steer or telehandler
  • Hydraulically powered claw
  • Built specifically for palletized sock installation
  • Unload palletized sock from flatbed trailers safely

How to Use the Installation Claw:

  • Clamp down on the unopened material for secure travel.
  • Lift the pallet above your eye level for enhanced visibility and control.
  • Lift the hydraulic arm to allow the roll-out of the sock.
  • Clamp down and back up to stretch the filter sock into a straight line.
How to Use the Installation Claw:

Use on a variety of project sites:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipeline
  • Powerline & Utility
  • Roadway
  • Solar & Wind
  • Homebuilding
  • Commercial Construction
  • Municipalities
  • Remediation
Use on a variety of project sites: