Advanced Inlet Filter Mat


Lightweight with virtually unlimited capacity, Blackhawk Inlet Filter Mat installs in seconds and stops sediment and debris from invading inlets during and after construction.

Silt sacks have limited sediment storage capacity and can easily blind whereby causing street flooding. Blackhawk™ has a much higher sediment storage capacity because sediment is kept above the grate. It’s unique design – vertically oriented coir fibers, scalloped edging, hi-flow holes, and emergency dewatering plugs, make this device the most robust in it’s class.

Blackhawk™ is held to the grate with high-strength rubberized magnets so installation, servicing, and removal is a snap – no skid steer or backhoe needed. This device can be cleaned and re-used multiple times.

Blackhawk Inlet Filter Mat vs. Inlet Filter Bags

Blackhawk reduces inlet filter installation and maintenance costs by 50% compared to silt sacs or bags. No heavy equipment or lifting of grates – one man job. And Blackhawk is 100% surface visible enabling car window inspections.

  • 1300 GPM hydraulic flow rating (2×4 grate version)
  • Removes 99% .425 mm particle size and larger
  • Independent testing shows 87% overall sediment removal
  • Works with both Type-M and Type-C inlet configurations
  • Mats for 2×2, 2×3, and 2×4 grates are in stock
  • Custom sizes are available with short lead times.
Blackhawk Inlet Filter Mat vs. Inlet Filter Bags


Blackhawk is designed to resist blinding and prevent street flooding, providing virtually unlimited sediment storage capacity. It stays in place via industrial-strength magnets and can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

  • Easy to handle – Installs by just lying on the grate
  • Can be cleaned and re-used multiple times
  • Can be used for both E&S and MS-4 compliance
  • Much higher sediment storage capacity than bags
  • Designed to be highly resistant to blinding and flooding
  • Integrated emergency dewatering plugs

Blackhawk Drawing

Blackhawk Drawing

Blackhawk’s patent pending vertical fiber orientation creates an excellent combination of hydraulic flow and sediment removal. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) added the Blackhawk Inlet Filter Mat to their Approved Technologies List in April 2016.