Runoff Diversion

Divert stormwater runoff from areas at risk, naturally.

Runoff diversion BMPs are used to redirect stormwater runoff from areas at risk of flooding or eroding towards stabilized areas, storm inlets, conveyance systems, containment areas, or stormwater treatment systems. Filtrexx® DiversionSoxx™ is a three dimensional tubular sock designed to act as a sediment control and filtration device, generally used up slope of disturbed areas. Especially helpful in areas where an excavated fresh water diversion ditch is not possible, DiversionSoxx helps divert excess surface water from one area for use or safe disposal in other designated areas.

Runoff diversion BMPs can be installed above steep slopes to limit surface runoff onto the slope, across long slopes to reduce slope length to prevent erosion, below steep grades where flooding, seepage, or sediment depositions may occur and around areas that are subject to damage from runoff.



Can be adjusted/moved on jobsite


Easier than excavating a fresh waster diversion ditch to install and de-install


Ability to be vegetated and left in place as a permanent stormwater device


More intimate surface contact


No trenching required


Can be installed on frozen ground


Installs on top of rolled erosion control products


Easily increase design height by stacking


Divert stormwater runoff, naturally. DiversionSoxx, a conveyance BMP, replaces excavated freshwater diversion ditches. Fresh water flows along (not through) DiversionSoxx & around the disturbed area.


Up-slope of disturbed areas

Divert sheet flow

Use prior to erosion control practice installation

Use prior to vegetation establishment

Use prior to final soil stabilization

Habitat or ecological restoration


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