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MKB Company: Your Go-To Source for Innovative & Reliable BMPs.

At MKB Company, we offer an extensive range of products designed for erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, pollutant removal, and low impact development.

As a trusted industry leader, we are devoted to providing excellent customer satisfaction. With our innovative products and solutions, contractors, distributors, engineers, and consultants can meet the demands of customers who prioritize better environmental outcomes. Our products are known for their innovation, superior quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

We are also proud to now be the home of Filtrexx products & technologies, a proven and trusted leader in the industry.

Whether you’re in the market to purchase or become a distributor, our team of experts are here to help you locate what you need, when you need it most.

Mission Statement

AT MKB, our mission is to provide a superior experience through innovation, dedicated logistics, and consistency. To be the world’s leading provider of innovative and sustainable products and services for use in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management and low impact development to protect our soil, water and environment.


Our line of innovative products have changed the way companies comply with environmental requirements, resulting in less cost, less maintenance, and better results.

Strong Logistics

Logistics is a crucial component for any manufacturer. Quality product is only as good as how quickly we can get it to you! MKB Company prides itself in delivering our products in an unrivaled turnaround time to make sure our customers have the material they need, when they need it.


When you order from MKB Company you can be assured that we are focused on providing quality products, quickly, and cost effectively. Our clients know we will always be there to get the job done, the same way every time.

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MKB History

MKB History

August 4


MAZCON company is created and begins making compost filter sock

January 3


MAZCON merges with Kurtz Bros to create MKB Company, based in State College, PA

August 6


Manufacturing facility in Columbus, OH opens

January 2


MKB Company acquires EROCO to expand manufacturing to Marshfield, MO

January 8

Early 2019

MKB Company establishes a strategic partnership with Water, Wind & Soil in Monticello, GA

August 22


MKB Company moves to 110k sq ft Belleville, PA facility to expand operations and begins manufacturing a line of erosion control blankets

August 6


Distribution facility located in Philadelphia, PA opens

January 17

Jan 2022

MKB Company expands into a 45,000 manufacturing location in Marshfield MO, launching 2nd erosion control blanket production facility

March 22

March 2022

Distribution facility in Zelienople, PA opens

August 3

Aug 2022

MKB Company acquires Filtrexx to significantly expand and enhance product offerings and manufacturing capabilities

November 17

Nov 2022

Manufacturing facility in Abbeville, SC opens

January 4

Jan 2023

Belleville, PA facility expands, to open a state-of-art knitting facility

August 3

Aug 2023

MKB Company acquires Frye Flow Systems to expand inlet filtration line