FryeFlow – Inlet Filter

Inlet Filter Bag

This patented catch basin filter system keeps construction dirt out of storm drains while still allowing water to pass through. With its under grate installation and easy cleaning, FryeFlow offers superior sediment control through its patented frame + basket design. Not only does it outperform competing products in terms of keeping streets cleaner, but it also significantly reduces silt accumulation by maintaining better flow.

Maintaining FryeFlow is a breeze. Simply remove the grate, attach a lifting device to the webbing strips, lift out and dump debris. Alternatively, a vac-ter unit can be used. Our reusable bags should be monitored after each storm event to ensure optimal performance.

So, how does FryeFlow work? The secret lies in its patented system, featuring a specially designed metal frame that securely holds a high flow geotextile basket under the grate. This enables water to flow directly through the grate and basket, leaving all sediment and debris behind.

Not only does FryeFlow offer superior performance, but it also saves developers and builders time and money. Unlike traditional over the grate systems, our product is protected from damage caused by street cleaners, snow plows, and other contractors. It’s built to last and doesn’t require constant replacing.

Upgrade to FryeFlow today and experience the benefits of a cleaner, more effective sediment control solution.