Road wattle 1.jpg

Sometimes you need a filter sock that can be moved.

Road Wattle is designed for daily portability. Use it across access roads at night, during rain events and near stream crossings on pipelines and power-line projects.

The heavy duty textile and strapping enable the device to be moved again and again. Hi-Vis orange netting allows for maximum visibility.


• Integrated straps for easy moving

• Quickly dries

• Field longevity of one year

• Can be staked through or driven over (if necessary)

• Hi-Vis Orange netting for maximum visibility

Road wattle’s flexible netting allows it to be formed into many shapes to fit the demands your application.

Road Wattle can be sold coiled on a pallet or in a super sack. This saves shipping costs and allows for easier storage.


• Available in 12 and 18 foot lengths

• 1/8 inch opening heavy-duty polyethylene netting

• Fill: Switch Grass or Pine Straw

• Available coiled on a pallet or in a super sack

Literature Downloads:

Road Wattle Overview (PDF)

Road Wattle Overview (PDF)

Road Wattle Spec Sheet (PDF)

Road Wattle Spec Sheet (PDF)