Project Profile: Pennsylvania Bank Stabilization

Problem: A tributary of Codorus Creek, which flows to the Susquehanna River, runs through York, Pennsylvania. On most days, the tributary is a foot deep. After a rainfall, like most tributaries, the creek swells to five or more feet causing significant erosion to its banks. The banks had become so eroded that the risk was high that power lines would begin falling into the creek. The local power company was faced with the expensive prospect of having to move several power line poles over a one-mile stretch in order to prevent this from happening. The power company came to the decision to try to restore and stabilize the bank before removing and relocating the poles.

Solution: General contractor Stewart and Tate was familiar with the use of Filtrexx products for bank stabilization through a local Filtrexx installer, River Valley Organics. They inquired whether this technology would help prevent the poles from falling into the creek. River Valley Organics President Doug Caldwell recommended Filtrexx GroSoxx. GroSoxx are a vegetated block system that provides immediate stabilization and vegetation establishment for permanent stabilization.

Success: River Valley Organics and the power company worked together to complete the project. Sandbags were used at the base, as required by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and then armored with rip rap. Then the bank was excavated to toe the GroSoxx into the bank. River Valley Organics blew in 8” GroSoxx seeded with perennial rye. The GroSoxx were reinforced with rip rap on the upstream side and then the system was buffered with a reinforcing layer of rock. The entire project took six hours to install. The GroSoxx are now fully vegetated, saving the power company time and money.

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