Filtrexx Recognized for Business Innovations for Global Good and Sustainable Practices in Construction

Dr. Britt Faucette was recently partnered with Case Western Reserve University based in Cleveland, Ohio and their AIM2Flourish program to promote Filtrexx as a global leader of environmentally sustainable businesses.AIM2Flourish is the world’s first higher education curriculum for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and “Business as an agent of World Benefit”. Their mission is to “Change the story about business from best IN the world, to best FOR the world.” AIM2Flourish provides professors around the world with videos, presentations and materials. They offer monthly video conferences where professors can share experiences and hear what’s new in the program. Professors then bring their learnings to the classroom, teaching students who go out and conduct in-person interviews with business leaders, write stories and contribute to

The interview with Dr. Britt Faucette focused on the innovation of Filtrexx and our products. Our removal rates of sediment by our SiltSoxx were a large focus of the innovation section. Our use of organic and recycled materials and the reduction of waste from landfills also landed in the innovation section. However, the big focus was our 2017 environmental impact numbers and what Filtrexx did specifically to help the environment. The tons of sediment entering waterways, waste diverted from landfills and tons of CO2e sequestered from the atmosphere were highlighted in the impact on the environment section. The interview rounded out with focus on our use of regionally-sourced compost, benefitting local businesses and communities.

To read the entire interview, click here.

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