About MKB Company


The origins of MKB are humble…

Just a couple of guys filling sock in a lean-to near State College, Pennsylvania (we couldn’t afford a barn).  It was 2011 and although we were small, we thought big.  We made friends, we kept our promises, and good things started to happen.  By late 2011, things were growing, and Kurtz Brothers from Ohio got involved (something about “having juice”).  By mid-2012 MKB Company was born.  In the years that followed we have focused on 3 things – the highest quality products, keeping our promises, and continuous innovation.  Today, MKB Company is an industry leader in erosion and sediment control in the Eastern U.S. - we have shipped over 16,000,000 linear feet of Filter Sock to customers in 22 states.  We continue to grow geographically (recently adding factories in South Carolina and Missouri) and grow our product line through innovations like Switch Sock®, Blackhawk™, and Siltron®.   Although our future is bright, we will never forget our humble beginnings – a lean-to, a skid steer, and a kid who said “yes” when he could have said “no”. 

To all our customers and partners, thanks for giving us a chance. 

Mike and Nelson