Weighted Modular Stormwater device intended to trap sediment from stormwater runoff that flows onto roadways as a result of construction activities.

Rock Sock stays put in concentrated flows without trenching, stakes, or anchors. High-strength netting and double hog rings allows for the product to be repeatedly run over and moved and still last the entire job. Applications include ditch checks, inlet protection, gutter-line checks, and perimeter sediment control repairs.

Rock Sock works well along curb inlets in streets where high-flow BMP’s are required and street flooding is just not an option.

Rock Sock Product Specifications:

• 8” diameter, 36'“ long, 50 lbs per modular piece

• Netting is a high-flow, high-strength, UV-resistant multi-filament polyester knit textile

• Fill is a 50-50 blend of 11/2” (minus) dust-free limestone gravel and composted hardwood chip

• 6-inch pig tails for easy handling

• 40 pieces per pallet (shipping weight 2100 lbs)

Rock Sock comes shipped on a standard pallet ready to be installed. One person can easily install Rock Sock.

Other Benefits:

• Modular pieces allow for flexible configurations

• High hydraulic flow to prevent ponding

• Heavy enough to stay in place without anchors

Literature Downloads:

Rock Sock Overview (PDF)

Rock Sock Overview (PDF)