When average just won’t work

The REVOlution is here. Stable CFS netting for both linear and radial orientation - specifically designed for Field Installers.

Tru-Length technology makes Revo Netting stable in both the linear and radial orientation. Revo Netting is great for perimeter control, slope interruption, ditch checks, concrete washout and diversion berms.

Revo Netting offers more UV-resistant and tear resistant than current 5-mil HDPE netting’s. Length wise it, doesn’t shrink, and diameter - wise, it won’t overfill.


• Available in 12”, 18”, 24” and 32”

• Material Type: 5-mil HDPE (High density polyethylene)

• Mesh opening 3/8”

• Minimal Functionality Longevity” 1 year

• UV Stability at 1000 hours: 50%

• Photo-degradable

Revo Netting holds it shape better during the job - installers typically save 35% or more on their netting costs.

Other Features:

• Integrated “stake dots” at 10-foot increments

• Packaged for efficient shipping and field use.

Literature Downloads:

Revo Netting Overview (PDF)

Revo Netting Overview (PDF)