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More than just Compost Filter Sock

When you order Diamond Sock our team is on it: Manufacturing, Logistics and Customer Service.

Because quality matters - a lot. We religiously test our fill material for compliance to both brand and industry specifications. Our pre-filled netting is custom made to our brand specifications and exceeds regulatory standards - it’s not “off the shelf” netting.

General Detials:

• 8,12, 18 and 24-inch diameters, continuous or pre-cuts.

• Weather resistant packaging - wrapped pallet or in a super sack

• Optional bagged edging mulch

• Up to 26 pallets per truck load

• Stakes included

Netting Details:

• HDMFPP, 1/8” opening, +202 psi strength

• Blue and Black pattern (super strength Hi-Vis available)

Fill Details:

• Composed rough-cut Hardwood Mulch

•Compliance tested at Penn State Agronomic lab

Literature Downloads:

Diamond Sock CFS Overview (PDF)

Diamond Sock CFS Overview (PDF)

Diamond Sock CFS Spec Sheet (PDF)

Diamond Sock CFS Spec Sheet (PDF)